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Skills are one of the primary characteristics that determine the abilities of the player character. Skill levels provide no restrictions on what equipment can be used by a character, but some determine how effectively a character can use various types of equipment. There are eight skills which focus mainly on combat, some skills improve the effectiveness of thaumaturgy which also has non-combat applications.

The eight skills currently planned for Sui Generis are:

Each of these skills can be trained and untrained by the player but at any given time each skill can be considered as trained to one of six major expertise levels. The major expertise levels are:

  • Inept
  • Aspirant
  • Novice
  • Expert
  • Adept
  • Master

Milestones[edit | edit source]

Milestones are skill specializations that a character may learn upon successfully training a skill to a major expertise level above Inept. The character may choose one milestone from a set of options upon each expertise level attained. Milestones can either improve a specific aspect of a skill or may grant the character a unique ability related to the skill. Little is known as to how exactly milestones will improve some aspects of skills as artificial bonuses may be impossible with the physics driven nature of the game. Milestones may appear as tiered or ranked versions of earlier milestones in a given skill allowing the player to improve specific aspects of skills to different extents.

Advancement[edit | edit source]

There is a global skill cap which limits the total of all the skills, preventing mastery of all skills simultaneously. But it is possible to not just train and advance skills, but to also untrain them, allowing redistribution of skill levels among the available skills. Players choose what skills their character trains or untrains at any given time; another option is simply to maintain a given skill level. The untraining mechanic also allows milestones to be retrained by retraining a previously attained skill level in a given skill.

Skills are trained overtime as the player uses them. Training isn't immediate, however, a skill is trained upon reflection as the character needs time to absorb what they have learnt. Because of the time delay between practising and improving skills, players should notice some improvement every time they use the skill.

The rate at which a character can learn is limited, meaning repetitive use of a skill will not improve it any faster than relatively frequent use of the skill. This mechanic is designed to discourage grinding and playing to improve skills, causing the player to simply play the game as it makes sense for their character. It also means that characters can practice a skill in an artificial way, by using it deliberately, which doesn't detract from the players entertainment.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

The current Skill UI

This is the current design of the skill UI. The skill panels scroll and can be minimised individually which is why only five skills are visible. The segments in the skill bars represent major expertise levels, the slots below are for milestones that are trained or being trained. The small buttons to the right of the bars are toggles for training and forgetting the skills or keeping them at their current level. The bar at the top represents the global skill cap, when full, the player will no longer be able to train any of his skills.