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Mind is one of the six forms of Thaumaturgy. It's possible uses are: influencing the minds of others; causing various mental effects to others; controlling the minds of others; raising the dead.

Ability Tree[edit | edit source]


Currently Known Powers[edit | edit source]

Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Mentioned by developers on 31st Oct 2018
Prerequisites: Unknown
Mods: Unknown

Trust[edit | edit source]

Mentioned by developers on 31st Oct 2018
Prerequisites: Unknown
Mods: Directed Trust

Calm[edit | edit source]

Calm.jpgCalms and reduces the opponent's willingness to attack
Prerequisites: Requires innate affinity with mind thaumaturgy
Mods: MassCalm.jpg Mass Calm - Requires Expansion

Enrage[edit | edit source]

Enrage.jpg Enrages the opponent, potentially inciting it to attack anyone that it sees regardless of its affiliation with any group
Prerequisites: Requires Calm and Inversion
Mods: MassEnrage.jpg Mass Enrage - Requires Expansion

Mask Mind[edit | edit source]

Hides the presence of minds other than yours.
Mods: 'Mind Mask'

Sense Minds[edit | edit source]

Senses the presence of minds.
Mods: 'Mind Sense'

Suspicion[edit | edit source]

Makes a target suspect another target (?)

Control Mind[edit | edit source]

Takes control of a mind to make it fight for you temporarily (?)

Fear[edit | edit source]

Makes a target afraid and potentially flee from you (?)

Confusion[edit | edit source]

Makes a target confused and act randomly (?)

Embolden[edit | edit source]

Rallies a target's spirit to become more brave in the face of terrifying things like large demons.

Raise Dead[edit | edit source]

Raises up to 3 undead servants to fight for you.

Banish Dead[edit | edit source]

Free's the dead's control over it's body.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

Some effects include Ogres being specifically controllable by the use of mind control in a thread about non-human races on the forums. Also, necromancy is related to the concept of the transcendent mind, which all creatures possess to a certain extent, which can linger after death. Necromancy powers will likely be continuous powers.