Madoc Evans

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Madoc Evans
Name: Madoc Evans
Alias: Madoc
Role: Project lead, lead developer
Birthday: April 29th, 1979

Madoc Evans is the main and only developer for Bare Mettle, and project lead for Sui Generis. Dissatisfied with the current state of the RPG genre, he learned programming for the sole purpose of realizing this game, but he quickly became an industry professional pushing the boundaries of 3D technology, eventually turning down career opportunities to put his life's best work into the game. [1] Currently, every single line of code is written by Madoc himself; Sui Generis uses no third-party engines or technology, except for OpenAL Soft to resolve sound card driver issues certain users were experiencing.[2]

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  2. Kickstarter pitch video, timestamp 6:07, Madoc Evans: "You might take a lot of what you see for granted, but consider that I programmed everything myself. There's no third-party technology. Graphics, physics, audio, user interface, all the back-end; I wrote every single line of code."