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Insight is a skill category geared towards advancing in thaumaturgy. Investing in this skill will lower the focus cost of immediate powers. This should benefit those who use thaumaturgy for combat as lots of offensive and defensive powers will likely be immediate. There are eight skills in the insight category, many if not all of which unlock the learning of new powers.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

Allows a power to affect more than one target. For example, learning Expansion when one has learnt the skill Enrage unlocks the mod Mass Enrage.

Inversion[edit | edit source]

Unlocks powers that have the opposite effect of currently learned powers. For example, learning Inversion when one has learnt the skill Calm unlocks the power Enrage

Convergence[edit | edit source]

Unknown effects.

Union[edit | edit source]

Can combine certain powers to create new powers. For example, with Union, you can combine Confusion and Suspicion to create Fear.

Coherence[edit | edit source]

Unknown effects. Speculated to allow sustained version of instant powers.

Iteration[edit | edit source]

Unknown effects.

Revelation[edit | edit source]

Revelation allows you to learn certain things from external sources of knowledge such as books.

Amalgamation[edit | edit source]

Unknown Effects.