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Death in Sui Generis is important both in terms of thaumaturgy and in terms of the player character.

Death and the Player Character[edit | edit source]

In Sui Generis, the same mechanics apply to all characters equally, the player character isn't treated specially or focused upon by the world in any way. This also applies to other characters, a story character is no more important than a blacksmith. This is true for all mechanics, apart from death. This is what makes the character unique. In the event of death, the player will return to life in a fresh body in one of several locations around the world. The characters previous body will remain where the character died and will become like any other body. This means it can be looted by anyone and you may lose your items because of this. Items that have been looted will always remain as part of the game, they will be somewhere. No significant amount of time passes between a death and waking up again but distance may prevent the player from intervening with what transpired at their death.

Thaumaturgy[edit | edit source]

For thaumaturges, death is hugely important. When the moment of death occurs for any living creature, nearby thaumaturges have a chance of gaining some thaumaturgic power. This is because they are able to absorb some of the transcended mind of the creature when they witness the death. You will also lose some thaumaturgic power when you die. When a thaumaturge witnesses the death of another thaumaturge they may also absorb some thaumaturgic knowledge as well as power.