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About Sui Generis:

Sui Generis is an open-world fantasy RPG in development by Bare Mettle Entertainment. The game was kick-started on November 30th 2012 after already being in development for a year. The game is set for a release in May of 2014 with alpha and beta releases to be made available to people who backed the required amount.

The game's main features are a hugely interactive and dynamic world in which the story is driven by the AI of character's in the world. The game will not focus on the player or wait for the player to involve themselves in the story and will instead proceed with events as they would unfold without intervention. The game is built on a very impressive engine, developed by Madoc Evans, which boasts accurate collisions and physics as well as dynamic lighting and shadows and unique procedural animations which feature heavily in the combat of the game.

The game will be restricted to single player and LAN upon release but multiplayer is an intended feature. However, due to the highly physics driven nature of the game, multiplayer may be impratcial with current technology. The game will release on Windows, with Mac and Linux as intended platforms.

The game currently has a growing community on it's forums which also allows for a dialogue between the developers and the community. From the website, you will be able to contribute to development and find several videos demonstrating the game in it's pre-alpha state.

Game Mechanics:

Skills - Information on how skills affect character advancement.

Thaumaturgy - Information on the use of thaumaturgy and how it affects character advancement.

Death - Information on the importance of death to the character and to thaumaturges.

Maps - Information on the player's map and how maps in general function.

Game World and Lore:

Little is known about the World and Lore and it will likely remain that way until the alpha version of the game is released. These pages are here mainly as place holders and to give a general idea as to the future structure of the wiki.

Characters - Information on the various characters in the world.

Creatures - Information on the various other species which inhabit the world.

World - Information on the world's geography and locations.

History - Information on the history of the world and the events preceding the game.

Project updates
#21 New Environment Artist 2012.9.19
#20 An Update 2012.8.23
#19 Development Update #2 2012.5.26
#18 Development Update 2012.3.6
#17 Insider Forum Goes Live 2012.12.11
#16 WE DID IT! 2012.11.29
#15 Forbes Interviews Madoc 2012.11.28
#14 Final New Clothing Add-ons! 2012.11.28
#13 There Will Be Blood... And Fire And Shields! 2012.11.27
#12 True Story Bro 2012.11.25
#11 Items and Equipment 2012.11.23
#10 Bare Add-ons 2012.11.22
#9 T-shirt Designs 2012.11.21
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